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The Jeannie Rug range blends two of our favourite fabrics - sustainable jute and recycled blue denim offcuts! A fabulous eco-friendly choice and the clever combination can suit a variety of home decor and interiors.

These lovely products are hand woven by skilled artisan weavers. Strips of denim are braided with the raw jute and stitched together to give a striped pattern. The result is a simple flat weave rug around a centimetre in thickness. This makes them ideal for placement under furniture as well as in an open room.

Look out for the authentic GoodWeave label, and the unique number, which gives you assurance that your rug has been ethically sourced from a closed network of high quality producers.

The rugs are reversible and they can be rolled up when not in use. They can be shaken or spot cleaned.

Jeannie Recycled Denim Rug

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