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Whatever the occasion, you can set the mood perfectly with our beautifully rustic candle lanterns. Entirely handmade from recycled glass and metal, our candle lanterns turn any event or room into something truly special. They are carefully designed to be suitable for both home and garden use. So, whether it is part of alfresco entertaining on a warm summer evening in the garden or creating a cosy ambience in the living room on a cold winter’s night, our candle lanterns will help to create the perfect atmosphere. The candle lanterns are also a gorgeous choice for rustic themed weddings. They can be used to light pathways or make a stunning statement if used in a group as a centrepiece. The base can be flipped over depending on if you want to use a tea light or pillar candle.


The lanterns are entirely handmade by artisans in India and have glass panels and a vintage effect brass frame and base.


Made in India

Production: Ethically sourced, Fair trade and Sustainably sourced

Handmade Antique Brass Candle Lantern - small

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