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Dressmaking and sewing used to be an essential skill, make do and mend has always been a wardrobe staple.  It's satisfying, there is nothing like the feeling of someone admiring your clothing and asking "where did you get that" and being able to say "I made it".

​We love making our own clothing and we love creating our designs for the shop, we want to pass the skill on.  Whether you're an accomplished sewist, or just setting out, why not join in one of our ‘basic wardrobe workshops’ and start creating your own classic pieces using The Cloth Fox Collection.

Our workshop days start at 10am and finish at 4pm, and we’ll make sure you have plenty of tea, coffee (and cake!) as well as a picnic lunch from one of our local independent eateries in Lymington (all included in the cost).

We’ll take you through choosing the right fabric, laying out and cutting your pattern pieces, understanding the garment construction and guiding your sewing. 

All you need to bring is your own sewing machine and your favourite sewing supplies.  If you have your own fabric you’d like to use you are welcome to bring it, and we also have a wide range of fabric and cotton to choose from on the day in our shop.

Choose from the range of workshops below, or pop into the shop and have a chat if you have questions (or you can get in touch on our contact page).


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