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Traditionally associated with nobility, the earliest velvet was produced in Baghdad in the 13th Century before the technique was adopted by Italian weavers in the 14th Century. It was these weavers of Genoa, Florence and Venice who introduced both colour and design into the velvet fabric. The earliest velvets were made of silk but today cotton is used to produce this soft, shiny and sleek fabric. Velvet is mainly used in upholstery, for curtains and the weight of this velvet makes it ideal for garments such as dresses and jackets.


Available in 7 colours.


Price per metre, minimum quantity order is half a metre (0.5)

Cotton Velvet Plain

0.5 Meters
  • Composition100% Cotton

    Width: 112cm / 45"

    Weight (gsm) 225

    Washing Instructions – Manufacturer says: Dry clean only.


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